What is it?

The Social Cooperative Enterprize ( Koinsep in Greek ) “ERKYNA” was originally created by six dynamic and passionate for local tasting women , who come from Levadia Viotias , in an effort of finding solution to promote employment and face poverty as well as unemployment. The first presentations of their products were commented positively in the area of Central Greece and this was the beginning of a remarkable course. Giving emphasis on the local rural products “ERKYNA” continues the placing of their products in different areas in Greece , always depending on collectivity , solidarity and personal offer and work. It is a good practice and combines tradition with innovative thinking in a harmonious way.
Koinsep “ERKYNA” from its founding and its articles of association and always based on the philosophy of the operation of Social Cooperative Enterprizes ( Ν 4019 / 2011 – ΦΕΚ 216 / 30 -9-2011 as it was modified by Ν 4430 / 2016 – ΦΕΚ 205/Α/31 – 10 – 2016 ) aims to the promotion of employment and the fighting against poverty , unemployment and social disqualification. All of its actions on the one hand create new vacancies and on the other hand they make it possible – through a well organized Network of marketing products and creations – to the people who do not have the ability or the means to earn a living.

How did its name come from?

The river Erkyna passes through the city of Levadia. The river was named after the Nymph ERKYNA who gave our city the springs of life and beauty and ensured for many years the energy necessary for the industry development and the processing of rural products in the area. Today Erkyna with its springs in the area of Crya gives a special natural beauty to the city of Levadia and it is the most important attraction for the visitors.
According to the Greek mythology , Erkyna was the daughter of Trophonios as well as the companion of Persephone , the daughter of goddess Dimitra , before Persephone’s abduction by Plouto. One day the two girls were playing with a goose in the grove of Trophonios , near the city. The bird got away and hid under a rock in a cave. Persephone lifted the rock to catch the goose and then crystal clear water sprung from the earth thus creating the spring of Erkyna.
All the believers wishing a prophesy from the Trophonios Oracle , which was nearby , went to have a bath in its waters.

An important accomplishment of Koinsep “ERKYNA” is the legal consolidation of the exclusive use of the “Goose” which accompanied Nymph Erkyna , aiming to become the symbol of our city.

How was this idea born ?

Living in an uncertain economical envitonment and coping with the huge problems of gloomy reality which our country faces in recent years , these six women and founding members of Koinsep afterwards , were in a continuous search for solutions to face deadends. Being on a “difficult” age , which “did not allow ” them to have many options for big changes in their career , they reached a decision which was to transform their hobbies and daily life into a source of income and social contribution. Thus, the idea of a partnership was created based on collectivity and solidarity. Through research the founding members concluded in the development of an enterprize in the form of Social Cooperative Enterprize (Koinsep) which was the most ideal option according to the features of our time , their goals and the spirit of collaboration among them.