Its Course and Dynamic Up Till Now

Levadia’s local society was originally reserved by the effort of KOINSEP “ERKYNA” and was sceptic too. The question was justifiable: How could a “crowd ” of women stand in the competition and make the partnership sustainable ? But with the first effort and the presence of its quality products in the market all the doubts were scattered and the disbelief gave its place to praises and the enthusiastic support of the endeavour.
On the one hand the first presentations of Koinsep’s products were positively accepted , not only in the city of Levadia , but also in the wider area of Central Greece , in Attiki and Thessaloniki. On the other hand there is continuous interest for the participation of new members , so that this venture can strenghthen even more.

From November 2015 when KOINSEP was established up till now…

A. As far as the producing sector is concerned the necessary and fully equipped laboratory was organized , with licence and certification from the Health Services of Municipality of Levadia and Viotias Region and with the certification HACCP and ISO 22000.

For the complete operation of the laboratory the members of KOINSEP “ERKYNA” have got the necessary Health Booklets as well as the Certification from ΕΦΕΤ.

B. In the same place there is a display of the products which are produced , ALL based on first quality sources and materials from local production , with quality chemical analysis from specific and certified Chemical Laboratory and which are: jams , sweets , liqueur ,pasta ,trahanas and sauces.
– In the area of its activation , KOINSEP has also undertaken through relevant cooperation the promotion of other local products such as: honey , herbs , legumes ,olives etc.
– Furthermore unemployed women have got the chance to promote their creations such as ornaments , jewellery ,presents etc.

C. With the operation of the enterprize all this time activation for all the promotion , information ,and networking procedure has been done for KOINSEP’S actions as well as the examination of actions and conditions for the realization of all the goals of the partnership. Thus a relevant website has been created , site on f / b and its products have been placed on e – shops and

D. Apart from the production of its products its activation in the field of Cleaning Buildings and Recycling has started for which it has received a Certificate ISO 9001 , with its greatest accomplishment the cleaning services of the buildings in Viotias Region in Levadia , Aliarto and Thiva.

E. Finally it has recently undertaken the management and exploitation of the Canteen in Levadia’s 4th High School which operates as a model not only for the specifications concerning the space but also for the services and the products which are offered.