Important and Constructive Cooperations with carriers – Social Interventions

KOINSEP “ERKYNA ” excellently cooperates with:

  • The Region of Central Greece
  • Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Greece
  • Municipalities of Levadias , Thivas , Aliartou – Thespieon and Distomou – Arachovas – Antikyras
  • and Women’s Clubs in Viotia

for the participation in exhibitions , events , and Social Interventions.

Finally the Enterprize and its Members have contributed to support poor people through Social Groceries ,

Red Cross and local Clubs , have participated in volunteering groups to protect the environment and have taken part in the local Network to support refugees.

Other Cooperations:

Public Benefit Enterprize of the Municipality of Levadia ( ΚΕΔΗΛ )

ΚΠΑ 2 LEVADIAS ( ΟΑΕΔ ) and the Rural Development Office

Politicians’ Response and its Viability

Although the time in which Koinsep has been active is short , its products have acquired supporters not only in local or regional level but also in all Greece.

Its handmade products without additives or preservatives , but which are highly nutritional ones , have appealed to customers in a very satisfactory level. There are even “fanatical” customers of “ERKYNA’S” products , who buy them on a monthly or weekly basis.

With the present economical facts of KOINSEP and apart from the difficult economical period which our country has been in , the viability is considered secured. Personal work , excellent facilities and mood for work , mainly as a means to convey creativity and not to become rich give the Enterprize a unique flexibility and a particularly low operation cost , so that it has become highly competitive and viable.

The idea of KOINSEP “ERKYNA’S” establishment and its application are based on its own sources. The need to mention the huge support which has been given to KOINSEP is considered essential , and that is through volunteering and donations but mainly through free offer of halls to promote and present its products in exhibitions , events ,cultural events etc thanks to Municipalities of Viotia ( Levadia , Aliartou – Thespieon , Thiveon and Distomou – Arachovas – Antikyras ) , the Region of Central Greece , Viotias Chamber and the Regional Union of Municipalities of Central Greece.

Moreover , KOINSEP “ERKYNA” is a member of Viotia’s Chamber , Greek Turkish Chamber and Greek Bulgarian Chamber as well as a member of the Valuation Committee of the local programme LEADER / CLLD of ΠΑΑ 2014 -2020 and of ΕΠΑλΘ 2014 -2020 in “ELIKONAS – PARNASSOS ” – ANAPTIXIAKI ΑΕ ΟΤΑ.

The Social Face of KOINSEP

KOINSEP “ERKYNA” has developed multifarious activity concerning society’s support and volunteering who really need it through Social Groceries , Red Cross and Clubs of the area and they take part in volunteering groups to protect the environment.

Because of its activity seven new vacancies have been created and through network a lot of unemployed women have the chance to market their creations.