Building Cleaning

In the field of CLEANING of buildings and RECYCLING, KOIN.S.EP. “ERKYNA” has received the following CERTIFICATIONS:

– ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System)

– ISO 45001: 2018 (Occupational health and safety management) and

– ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management System)

Its most important projects are: the cleaning of the buildings, the PE Boeotia in Livadia, Aliarto and Thebes, the PE Evia in Chalkida, Istiaia, Karystos and Aliveri, the buildings and the Sports Facilities of the Municipality of Levadeni, the buildings of Apo Of Administration in Livadia, Lamia, Chalkida, Thebes and Lidoriki, the Courthouse of Livadia, the Magistrate Court of Tamyna, the IEK Galaxidi, the National Bank of Livadia, Paralia Distomou, Thebes, Amfilia, Araftis, Araptis Lamia, DEYA Livadia, the Public Central Library of Livadia, the General State Chemist in Livadia, the EKEPSYE of Livadia, the Archaeological Museums of Thebes, Chaeronia and Schimatari, the Labor Inspectorate in Vivia.

It employs 23 employees in cleaning projects, always employs properly trained staff, in cleaning works of public buildings and in the use of machinery – equipment used, paid according to the relevant collective agreements, is insured and has all the necessary HEALTH Certificates . Also the Members and the employees in COINSEP “ERKYNA”, have attended a Training Program for “HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK” and have received Certification after successful evaluation, for ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 45001: 2018 (Occupational health and safety management).

The equipment used by the company for the cleaning of the premises is the following:

  1. Antistatic and absorbent cloths of various colors such as wettex or equivalent.
  2. Cleaning sponges of corresponding colors and different types (soft, medium, hard).
  3. Mops of different types and corresponding poles.
  4. Dry cleaning sweepers (brooms) and corresponding poles.
  5. Ashtrays: Plastic with pole and hand.
  6. Blind cleaners.
  7. Wipers of various dimensions with their accessories.
  8. Sprayers.
  9. Household gloves of various colors.
  10. Small buckets with a capacity of up to 10 liters.
  11. Wall and floor detergent, glass detergent, sanitary detergent and disinfectant.
  12. Waste plastic bags, durable, large and small.
  13. Cleaning carts, with supports for poles and waste bag, shelves for cleaning materials (detergents and disinfectants) and spare bags for waste, with 2 bucket system, with dual system mopping bins, with additional squeezing press. In one bucket there is the solution of cleaning material and in the other bucket clean water for rinsing the mop.
  14. Water pressure machine for pressure cleaning of surfaces such as outdoor areas, sidewalks, ramps, courtyards, etc. (where required.
  15. Tires.
  16. Spools with spool.
  17. Mop carts, with mop buckets (blue and red) of dual system, which will have two buckets with a capacity of up to 25 liters, with an additional squeezing press. In one bucket there will be the solution of cleaning material and in the other bucket clean water for rinsing the mop.
  18. Floor signs with the indication “CAUTION WET FLOOR” to avoid accidents.
  19. Professional type vacuum cleaners, with a special dust retention filter.
  20. Electric floor washing machines for wet cleaning and drying of floors, on large surfaces.
  21. Carpet washing machines.

The cleaning materials used are all approved by recognized organizations (European Union, Trade, etc.), hypoallergenic, ecological, odorless, non-toxic, particularly effective in protection against COVID-19, do not fade and do not fade.