The moment of the prize giving…by the hand of Mr. Konstantinos Mouzakis.

KOINSEP “ERKYNA” took part in the OLYMP TASTE AWARDS competitions ( Awards for higher quality taste ) and WINE AND SPIRIT OLYMP AWARDS ( Awards for higher quality in wine and essences ) in 2017 which took place in Athens on 27th and 28th May , presenting four products which were all awarded.

Specifically :




BRONZE AWARD , “OINOPOEMA ” (wine liqueur )

During the competition these products were examined with the ” blind ” method , that is without their labels , or any other distinction element .A code number was given to each product so that their reliable supervision would be secured .

The member of the evaluation committee were : 1) PANEL LEADER , President of the Chef Club in Attiki – Akropolis Konstantios Mouzakis 2) the Chef of the Presidential Mansion Mr .Athanasios Skouras , 3) the Chef of the Bank of Greece and President ΙΕΓ Mr. Mr. Nikos Fotiadis , 4) Vice President of the Chef Club in Attiki – Akropolis Mr. Ilias Iosifelis , 5) Former President of the Chef Club in Crete Mr. Georgios Makris , 6) President of the Chef Club in Northern Greece Mr. Georgios Mastrodimitris , 7) Curator of the Chef Club in Attiki – Akropolis and Chef in ΛΑΕΔ Mr. Nikos Daoutis , 8) Vice President of the Chef Club in Corfu Mr. Anastasios Balanikas , 9) General Secretary of the Chef Club in Attiki – Akropolis Mrs. Evanthia Vonazounta , 10) the Chef at the Dlvani Apollon Palace Mr. Nikos Kourtis , 11) the Treasurer of the Chef Club in Attiki – Akropolis Mr. Konstantinos Kovaios , 12) the Chef at the Olympic Palace Mr. Yiannis Skouloudakis , 13) the Chef of ΛΑΕΔ Mr. Lazaros Kolaxis , 14) Former Chef at the Hilton Mr. Lefteris Karantanis , 15) Private Chef Mrs. Georgia Kaklia , 16) the Gastronomy Director in Cyclades for the UNESCO Mr. Korres Stelios , 17) Vice President of the Pastry Club in Greece Mr. Sotiris Laskaridis , 19) the Director of the cooking courses Mrs. Lila Karapostoli , 20) General Secretary of ΠΕΤΕΤ Mrs. Marina Pouliou , 21) Agriculturalist – ΕΦΕΤ Mr. Theofanis Georgopoulos.

Konstantinos Mouzakis ( Chef ) is Chef European 2015 , President and founding member of the Akropolis Chef Club in Attiki.

Gastronomy Director and Responsible for Provisioning Action at the Permanent Social Structures Facing Poverty of the UNESCO Club in Pireaus and the Islands.

Director of the Ionian Islands Gastronomy in Greece.

Member of the Provisions Enterprizes Register Instructor ΕΦΕΤ.

Panel Leader ” Tasty Olymp Awards “

Executive Private Chef / Catering.

Member of CEUCO

Member of the Greek Institute of Nutritional Culture and Gastronomy

Certified and Registered Instructor of the ΕΟΠΠΕΠ.

Certified at the Euro- Asian Teaching of UNESCO.

Instructor at ΔΙΕΚ in Attiki

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